Lighting & Tipi Hire

Tipi Hire

Tipis available for hire

Tipis available for hire

We have 2 venues in the form of two Tipis, one 18ft and one 24ft (conical marquees) the smaller tipi is big enough for workshops or a performer green room, the larger one is suitable for performances.

They have been used for festivals, launches, theatre, fun days, weddings, parties, etc. and are taken to Glastonbury Festival every year.

The smaller tipi is 16ft diameter, the big tipi is 24ft diameter. The larger tipi however needs 24ft clearance behind it in order to be set up (for the lift pole and stretching out the canvas), however, once erected, the space behind can be filled by other things. Once put up, the large one is usually better off being left up for as long as possible and certainly for no less than a weekend.


Per day we are usually £300 all in, for pitching/hiring the smaller tipi, storytelling sessions and craft workshops (including us providing all materials, mainly fabric and willow, also beads/string/ribbon) which is often 2 x 2 hour workshops and 2 x half an hour storytelling performances.
Alternatively £500 for a weekend.

For the large tipi, we would need to add an extra £250 on that price.

The smaller Tipi by itself to hire without any craft workshops or performances is £200 for a weekend.

The larger Tipi to hire by itself for a weekend is £400. (This covers us paying a team to help us pitch it.)

These prices are guideline prices only, as the length of time / number of days, whether the Tipis are wanted stand-alone or whether the performers are being booked as well, etc. would vary the price. Please contact us to talk about what you have in mind.

Lighting Hire

2 large outdoor LED colour changing par can spotlights
1 smaller outdoor LED colour changing par can spotlight
3 large indoor LED colour changing par can spotlights
Smaller LED par can light (display spot size)
UV programmable flood panel
UV floodlight
Small UV spotlight (display spot size)
Lighting T-bar (up to 3 metres high)


2 Small Fog Machines (button controlled for specific jets of fog)


Roland speaker, 2 mics (one cordless) and mic stands (ideal for smaller
venues / outdoor spaces under cover)
Ion Blocker bluetooth sound system (good for background music)


Spider Disco Light – rayed beams in rotation
Polar Laser – powerful blue LED beam with red and green lasers
Mini Laser Disco (especially good with fog)

We also have a double tripod with strong rail (of tipi poles) which we can use as an extra lighting rig or outdoor stage ‘arch’ to hang a backdrop etc. from.


Everything except the lasers can run off grid on solar power via our large batteries and solar panel.


We like to set up the lights / gear ourselves when possible, but do loan them out to be set up by the customer, with instructions, depending on circumstance and situation. Prices vary. We have loaned 3 lights and the T-bar for £20 to a charity cabaret, have lit up a disco at a ball for £80 for an evening (which closed by 11pm), and so on. Prices depend on venue, length of time, complexity, amount of kit etc.. Please contact us to talk about what you have in mind.