Mr McKavatar’s Circus of Peculiarities! Halloween Promenade Performance


In collaboration with Kavatar Arts, Widsith & Deor present 'The Circus of Peculiarities'

Do you dare to find out what it is that haunts EVA Studios, once the warehouse of McKavatar's legendary Circus of Peculiarities? Then roll up, roll up, one and all! For this one night only, a 100 years ago to the date that the Circus disappeared in mysterious circumstances, come and find out the secret behind the Studio's doors... Come to the ticket booth, then have your fortune told by the Fortune Teller automata, then embark on a tour of the old warehouse with the Ringmaster...and see what may be seen! Limited tickets for each tour, so booking in advance is strongly recommended. Tours at; 7.30pm, 8pm, 8.30pm & 9pm. To book, e-mail us at;

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