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The Castle of Dreams & Nightmares

The Castle of Dreams & Nightmares

Widsith & Deor Storytelling Theatre are a unique storytelling company whose specialities include female heroes, and unusual tales from around the globe and the country, most adapted, many full of wisdom, hilarity, or both, plus some modern fiction abridged and adapted for storytelling, and all with their own Widsith and Deor stamp and lashings of cross-dressing!

Trademarks of the company include their dynamic movement and performer chemistry (Widsith and Deor have known each other since they were teenagers and have the rapport that only comes with trusting one another completely on a stage) and their unique masks and bodymasks, made by Deor. Their visual and physical style has earned them much praise from audiences, as have their on-stage chemistry and performer dialogues.


Widsith & Deor have performed in arts centres, theatres, castles, galleries, sculpture trails, ruins, parks, country house gardens, town halls, forests, colleges, Viking longhouses, churches, city walls, cafe bars, pubs, clubs, hotels, book cafes, museums, quaysides, farms, cathedrals, yurts, at literature festivals, music festivals, arts festivals, green festivals, art exhibitions, public art and other launches, academic and arts conferences, history, re-enactment and LARP events, Halloween and Valentine events, slams, cabarets, play days, fun days, fairs, weddings, parties, music videos, etc..



They feature at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts hosting the ‘Widsith & Deor Presents’ Tipi Theatre in the Tipi Field each year (6 times) and host the Storytelling Redwoods Circle at the Beautiful Days Festival in August (7 times) They also programme and host the Widsith & Deor Tipi Stage at the Exeter Respect Festival (7 times) and Exeter Street Arts Festival in the summer.

They have performed at countless events and festivals including The Big Chill, Boomtown Fair, Festival of History, Kendal Calling, Sunrise Celebration, Sunrise OffGrid, Buddhafield, Wallingford Bunkfest, English Heritage’s Festival of History, Old Wardour Castle Halloween Tours, Porlock Arts Festival, Grand Witches’ Ball, etc..

They generally spend a month of the Summer touring France and Spain, doing shows in locations such as the Pyrenees, and most recently in Portugal.

SHOWS include;

  • Love Is… (for Valentine’s Day)
  • Lovestruck (for Valentine’s Day)
  • Goblins & Ghouls, Phantoms & Fools (Halloween Show)
  • The House on Haunted Hill  (Halloween Show with literary sources)
  • Widsith the Poet, Egil the Viking & King Gilgamesh
  • The Porlock the Warlock Show (based on the novel of the same name)
  • Tales from the North Lands (with Fire Springs of Bath)
  • Jack’s Journey – a Circumnavigation of the Globe in Stories
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Egil’s Saga
  • Arabian Tales
  • The Carnival of Monsters  (a play using many masks)