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In your e-mail, please outline whereabouts the venue is, what kind of space it is, what type of event you wish to commission us for, what sort of thing you would like, etc.. Please feel free to start a discussion with us, we are happy to help you evolve your project, event or idea.
Just e-mail;



Storytelling Shows – commissioned, on themes, etc. (Eg; love stories, spooky tales, regional or
historic period e.g.; Nordic, Arabian, English, Italian, Viking, Anglo-Saxon etc.,
Easter, Christmas, New Year, fools, kings & queens, linked to a
place, created for a specific location / backstory or event etc..)
Hour and a half full shows
Performance tours (max. 4 tours of eg; 20 minutes in an evening)
Interactive sideshows eg; Fortune teller themed
Walkabout Characters & Meet ’n’ Greets (Monsters & Masked)
The Monster Photo Booth (people wear our masks & take pictures of one another wearing our
Historical Costumed Storytelling (Dark Ages & English Civil War are specialities)


Tipi Hire (see Hire page)
Lighting Hire
Event decor and props for weddings, discos, balls, video shoots, photographers / stylists,
cabarets, birthday parties, launches, theatre productions, etc..
Props include a variety of hats, weaponry, fabrics, bunting, artificial flowers, Venetian masks, etc.
And of course a huge variety of our handmade masks and carnival heads and figures.


The Stand Up Philosopher – shows, slots, talks or lectures by Matthew Hammond
Performance Poetry – Ancient, Classic, or S.V. Wolfland’s own work & shows (See Spoken Word/ Written Word)
These can both also be tailored to suit an event, theme, season, etc.


can be commissioned to feature as a novelty at events;

The Pop Up Poetry Shop – stocking Devon & Exeter Poets and Writers including the performers &
The Poet’s (he)Art – tiny beautiful stall selling Oracle Boxes, Charm Dials, Poem-in-a-Boxes,
Sea Fever Shell Bowls & Seahorse Brooches, tiny Tarot decks etc..


Programming Stages / areas with acts and / or workshops.
Line ups have included;  singer-songwriters, groups & musicians, storytellers &
giants, performance poets & spoken word, theatre & dance, walkabout characters,
Mediaeval Martial Arts Have-a-Go Workshops, Acro-yoga Drop-in Workshops


Writing Workshops including – Writing & Colours, Writing & Sounds (for schools or adults)
Craft Workshops eg; Willow and fabric headdresses & mobiles
Dreamcatchers or God’s Eyes (with willow / wood & string / wool)


We tailor shows, decor, programmes and masks for most kinds of event and happenings. Just ask!