About Us

Matthew Hammond

Matthew Hammond

Widsith & Deor are storytellers and wordsmiths working in the oral tradition comprised of S.V.Wolfland, writer, performer, poet, editor and storyteller and Matthew Hammond, writer, former lecturer, scholar, tutor and storyteller. They present their Storytelling Theatre at festivals and events and also lead workshops.

Their tales come alive in sound and vision through specially designed masks, costumes and stage lighting creating an immersive experience for their audiences.

S.V. Wolfland

S.V. Wolfland

Based in Exeter, Widsith & Deor travel to perform at Glastonbury Festival and beyond in the summer. Their names are taken from two, thousand year old poems preserved in the Exeter Book, a collection of Old English poetry held at Exeter Cathedral Library.

They have two tipis that are used for workshops and performances and these are available for hire, along with stage lighting and other special effects equipment.

Commissions are undertaken for Deor’s totally unique masks and Widsith provides a compact Pop-up Shop for events selling Poem-in-a-Boxes and other bijoux curiosities.

Both are active spoken and written word artists, with S.V.Wolfland’s performance poetry having featured at various festivals and events, and Matthew Hammond being renowned for his Stand-Up Philosophy performances, and both having written chapbooks and paperbacks (see The Curiosity Shop) including the novel ‘Porlock the Warlock’.

Every month they host the Exeter Storyclub which gives a platform for all tellers who perform from memory.

S.V. was Editor of Spoken/Written Bulletin S.W. which ran for over over 100 editions, and Matthew hosts The Phonic Drama Show on Phonic FM radio on Thursdays.

So enter their faceted and fascinating world of words and tales, theatre and history, monsters and myths, philosophy and poetry, masks and magic, light and sound, treasures and tipis!